Baby, maybe, someday...

Liz. I live in Texas, I'm in my thirties, I am a fangirl. I've loved Axl Rose with the entirety of my soul for 22 years. I like other stuff, too. Rock on.

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3x22 - Play With Fire

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"normally my pulse is 70, when it gets to 95 i realise how mad i am. i have ten people workin’ round the clock on this thing!"

"you’re too hard on yourself."

"no no, i’m not mad at me! there’s a body in there and that guy knows where it is!”

"what’s your pulse at now?"

the PAAAAAIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN guuuuuuuuyyyys geez thanks

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hey jess they like ya blawg

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hey jess they like ya blawg

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To all the girls that had their own Jordan Catalano.

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